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Things To Do After College

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Things I Must Do After I Graduate

I've been feeling really excited about the things that I would want to do once I graduate next year in the University of Santo Tomas, BSBA College of Commerce and Business Administration Major in Financial Management. I came from a conservative family and my parents are really strict so there are things that I would want to experience, but I couldn't because they wouldn't allow me to do so. They would only permit me to do everything I want once I graduate college. Also, with me having lots of priorities in life like studies, organization stuff (which I'm an officer), and being one of the trusted owners in our family business, I don't have much time to do the things that I really want to do. So the idea of me graduating gives a super wide smile on my lips. That's why I decided to list down the things that I would want to do once I graduate.

Workout Regularly

I always want to workout and live a healthy lifestyle, but due to my very busy school and business schedule, it's hard to regularly go to gym for workout. I believe I have more time when I graduate and I will definitely make more time.

 Learn How to Cook

Since I love eating so much, it is a must for me to learn how to cook. I would like to learn different Pinoy dishes like sinigang, adobo, sisig, bulalo, papaitan, and etc. I would also love to learn how to cook pastas! I love pastas, most especially Lasagna.

Learn How to Bake

It's not enough that I know how to cook! I must also learn how to bake cakes, brownies, cookies and etc. These sweets are worth the effort.

 Go To a Party and Get Wasted 

I’ve only been to a real bar once and it was a party for all the students taking the Major of Financial Management in UST. I only went because of the incentives in our major subjects. I’m not really a party girl. I’m the kind of girl who would rather stay at home and watch koreanovelas or romcom movies while eating pizza or ice cream (This is love). I have never experienced to be drunk. I’m not really a fan of alcohol to make it simple. I want to experience those things after I graduate though. I want to know how it feels to be totally drunk and wasted.  I want to know if people really do forget the things that they do when they are drunk. I want to try it, even just for once.

Visit my Pax Romana

I will still go back to my Pax Romana every time there will be events and activities. I will watch and guide the new members of the organization as they pursue the goals not only of the organization, but also the growing family of Pax Romana. It's kinda exciting to be one of the alumni of Pax! Every time I see our alumni having fun together, I can't help but to see myself joining them a year from now.

Watch WWE Live

I badly want to be in one of those people’s shoes. Being able to watch WWE, more preferably Wrestlemania, is one of my childhood dreams. I’ve been a wrestling fan since I was in Grade 5 and I was really addicted to it, most especially to John Cena and the D-Generation X. Oh my God, I just love them. I want to be on one of those seats someday while wearing a Cena or DX shirt. I would surely cheer for them until I lose my voice.

Attend Coachella and Dress like Vanessa Hudgens

I want to experience this big summer event! And also, even at least for once, I want to be as hot/sexy/pretty/beautiful as Vanessa Hudgens. She’s the Coachella Queen! She dressed weird, combining different outfits and accessories, yet she looks astounding! Her confidence is really admirable and if I would be given a chance to switch body and face with anyone for a day, with no second thought, I’d pick to switch with her.

Meet Zachary David Alexander Efron, Again

I had the chance to talk to him last September 29, 2012 in his Fan Con in Mall of Asia Arena. The moment was unforgettable and that was one of the best birthday gifts that God has given me. He asked me to go backstage with him after the show, but due to some circumstances, he was forced to leave earlier and wasn’t able to meet me. I can still remember myself arguing with the bouncers because they didn’t want me to go in. I was explaining that Zac did ask me to go in there. Well, when they got pissed… they threw me out of the arena. I didn’t regret any of my actions though. At least I tried my best to be able to see him. Even if it means being kicked out of the arena.

Out of the Country with my Best friends

I so love these two! I would like to go out of the country with the two of them. I was planning to do that right after I graduate, but I will be graduating a year earlier than them so I guess I have to wait until they finish their studies. Anywhere with them would be fine because as long as the three of us are together, every place is special. We kinda live in a special world ya know! 

Ice Skating in New York

Never have tried ice skating. I want to experience it in New York during Christmas Season.

Watch the Sunset in Paris

Always dream to visit the city of love.

Have a Piggy Back Ride and Drink Soju in Korea

I would love to go to Korean with my boyfriend someday. We will drink “Soju” together in the streets and when I get drunk, he’ll give me a “Piggy Back Ride”. This is probably one of my relationship goals. Oh well, blame the koreanovelas for this.

Bungee Jumping In Macau

I’ve been to Macau Tower, the world’s tallest bungee jumping tower, last 2013 and I really wanted to try Bungee Jumping, but my mother didn’t allow me so from that day on, I promised myself to go back in there and try it. I want to try skydiving too, but after the videos that I saw about the accidents that occurred because of it, I’ll just settle for Bungee Jumping. I believe in the saying that “You Only Leave Once”, but I think “You Only Die Once” is more convincing.

Go To Dubai

Dubai is one of the best countries to travel to. I want to experience that Underwater Roller Coaster. I’ll stay in the Underwater Hotel. I’ll play tennis in that skyscraper and go to the top of the tallest tower in the world, experience everything! Enjoy the beauty of the country.

Visit United States

To visit the United States is a childhood dream of mine. The first time I saw the "Statue of Liberty", the first thing that came to my mind is "I swear, I'll see you close up someday". From that moment I knew that I wanted to go to United States and that desire grows deeper because of my cousins who live there. I badly want to see Liam and Caeden. I have only seen Caeden once, when he went here in the Philippines five years ago and they haven't returned since then. I haven't seen Liam though. I only talk to him through facetime. I also want to visit the Disneyland in California. I've been to Hong Kong Disney land and it was an amazing experience. They said that the Disneyland in California is way more amazing than in any other counties! I also want to see the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. There are so many things that I would want to do when I go there. Well, I pray... pray and pray!

Travel Alone

Though I will be accompanied by my family or friends when I travel, I also want to experience traveling alone. The thought could be scary, but I would like to feel being independent and not having to think about anyone else. I would love to have the real adventure of traveling.

Build a Snowman

Never have I experienced snow, but I really want to build a snowman!

Write and Publish a Book

One of my goals before I die is to be able to publish a book written by me. Obviously, I have this great passion in writing and I’m very hopeful that someday I will be able to touch the heart of people and give inspiration to others through my books. As one of my favorite professors said in one of her classes in Economics, “You will soon die and leave this Earth, but when you have already published a book... your thoughts will live forever”.

Attend Seminars in Different Countries

I believe that no one should ever stop learning. Seminars about cosmetics, aesthetics, business opportunities or anything that tackles my interests would be the ones that I’d attend to.

Cosmetic Training

I would love to study and have more training about cosmetics since I would be the one handling the business after I graduate. 

Study another Language

I would like to study Chinese again since I have already a background in this language. But I’m also considering Korean, Spanish or French.

Enroll to English Speaking Class

Though I can speak and understand English very well… I’m still not satisfied. I want to reach the point when I don’t even have to think about translating my thoughts into English language. 

Get an Apple MacBook Laptop

I want to replace my Acer laptop already with an Apple Laptop. My Acer functions really slow and pisses me every time. I want to buy a new one already, but replacing it with Mac is really expensive and I don’t want to burden my mom with that cost just for my unnecessary needs. So I’ll just buy a new one right after I earn and I would love to have this color. Gold, so luxurious!

Own a Car

I already have a car, but I would like to buy a new one out from own sweat. I would like it to be like that… hot pink, so Sharpay Evans inspired!

Own a Fancy Restaurant

Maybe I should start planning my dream restaurant as early as now.

Own a Condominium

I would like to own a condo as amazing as this. Preferably, my unit would be in high floors and has a door or window that could show how beautiful the sun rises and sets.

Establish a School

I would want my school to be Tuition Free and this school is for those kids who are devoted in studying but don’t have enough money to study. For short, I want this to become a school for young scholars. I want this school to produce excellent young students and I believe that when a kid is taught how to treasure studying at young age, he will carry that skill till he grows up.

Help a Charity and Church

With all the blessings that God will be giving, it is just to help those people who are in need and help the church in their mission.