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10 Simple Tricks To Lose Weight

Thursday, January 18, 2018

I used to be called as "the fat girl" of the family. The other members of my family don't really have any struggle when it comes to their body because they are all naturally slim no matter how much food they take in. I'm the only one who has a slow metabolism and really does get fat. I really didn't care about my weight and how I looked when I was in high school. I never really thought that I was fat until I entered college.

I began to get insecure about my looks when I reached 18 years old. That was why I decided to limit my food intake and to exercise. Being used to heavy eating and sweets, I really had a hard time cutting my food most especially when it comes to rice. I'm a rice person and I could finish three cups of rice without burping. I'm also fond of eating junk foods and chocolates. Who would not love chocolates? I mean... Come on. That's chocolate!

My love for food back then was greater than my love for anything except for my family of course, but my point is... I LOVED FOOD SO MUCH PERIOD. But I guess it came to the point when my insecurity became so much bigger than my love for food. That was why I came to the decision of taking care of my body. It was NEVER easy. Everyday is a struggle.

It's an everyday commitment to the goal of being fit and healthy. 

I never thought that I would be writing a blog about losing weight because I had never imagined that I could be this fit. It was really hard and I thought it was impossible, but because I didn't give up... I made it. And If I could do it, I'm sure as hell that you could too.

So these are the 10 simple tricks that helped me lose weight.
1. Don't Skip Breakfast

Most people thought that skipping breakfast is a great way to lose weight, but unfortunately this will only help your body to gain more weight. When you don't eat your breakfast, unconsciously you are letting your body eat more than you should for the next meals for the entire day. More over, your consumption on your breakfast won't really make you gain weight because you'll be able to burn those calories for the next few hours, assuming that you are doing productive activities.

2. Drink A LOT of Water 

This trick is really effective. I drink water after waking up because it makes our metabolism faster. I drink water before eating every meal most especially during dinner. I do that for me to feel full already even before eating and that results to a lesser food in take.

3. Drink Green Tea Everyday

Green tea cleanses your body and helps you remove all the toxins. I drink tea almost everyday and most especially when I have eaten so much. I think Green Tea makes me digest the food easier. I really don't know the scientific explanation for the green tea. My knowledge is limited, but I believe it helped me a lot in losing weight.

4. Use Smaller Plates

This sounds weird, but it is effective. When you use smaller plates, you tend to put lesser food on your plate. The hard part in this trick is when you finish your food and still not satisfied, you have a tendency to go for a second round. Just control yourself to not ask for another cup of rice. 

5. Cut Off Your Rice

This is the hardest part of dieting. As Filipinos, we eat rice every meal. Rice is part of our system. We can't live without rice! But rice also contributes so much on your weight. You really don't have to get rid of rice, just lessen it. It won't be easy, but do it step by step. Don't just cut it off, because you'll end up craving even more and eating more.

I used to eat three cups of rice every meal, but when I started dieting, I cut it off to two cups of rice. Then after a week, I cut it off to just one cup of rice. Until my body got used on having just a cup of rice and started to get really full by just finishing it.

Now, I can already go for a week without eating rice. I sometimes challenge myself to #NoRiceChallengeForAWeek and I don't find it that hard anymore.


This is also the hardest part, but just like what happened on cutting off of rice, I survived this. I do drink sodas, eat junkfoods and sweets, but I do eat these rarely. I managed to cut them out of my system. For example I'll be ordering on Mcdo, I'll never order the SODA even if it comes with the meal. If ever I can't remove the soda from my order, I'll only take a zip of it and I'm done.

7. Have a Cheat Day But Not Everyday

You are allowed to have a cheat day once a week. On cheat day you are allowed to eat the forbidden foods, but also in a controlled amount. Don't overeat when you are having your cheat day, because you'll just waste all the efforts you've made in dieting in just one sitting. 

8. Tell Everyone That You're on Diet

It sounds ridiculous, but this trick really did help me. When you tell everyone or your close friends or even your family members that you're trying to live healthy and starting to work on your shape, unconsciously you are asking them to take care of your body too. If they know what you are doing, they would be more likely to remind you or help you to achieve your goal. 


When you are undergoing a big change in your life, you constantly have to remind yourself why are you doing this and for whom you are doing it. The path that you're going to take is not easy and you will surely commit mistakes a lot of times, but you have to overcome those trials to reach your goal. For that to happen, you need a reminder and it would really help if that reminder is with you all the time.

10. Go to Gym and Sweat Your Ass Off

Most people want to skip this part. Some would rather go through "NO EATING HELL DIET" than to go to the gym and exercise. But this is the most effective way of losing weight. You won't lose weight by just sitting the whole day. If you don't have time to go to the gym, do fun activities that require body movements. You have to find a way to exercise at least thrice or four times a week. Cleaning your room or doing household chores could be a way too.  

Just find time to SWEAT, for short.

So here you go! These are just ten out of the hundreds of ways that you could do to lose weight. There are millions of them in the internet, but these what worked for me.

Losing weight is never easy for girls like me who has a slow metabolism. Sometimes I think it's really unfair because some girls really don't have to exercise just to have a nice figure. Some girls could actually just eat anything without thinking that they are going to get fat.

I thought it was really unfair until I realized the benefits of what I am doing. At first, I was just doing it for my figure. I just wanted to be slim. But now, I'm doing it for my health. I realized how this healthy living changed so much about my life.

It changed my perspective on the word "Sexy".

I believe that no matter what shape your body is, as long as you love yourself and you're confident about it, you could be called "Sexy". I believe that the society's standard of sexy which was based from the measurements of the body is a total trash. Being thin doesn't actually make you sexy. What makes you sexy is your self confidence and your love for who you are as a person.

Loving yourself comes together with taking care of your body and the non stop craving for self improvement. So if you have been eating unhealthy for the past years of your life and you know deep down that you have to change this unhealthy lifestyle, then what's stopping you? If you're afraid of failing, don't be. Because even athletes failed so many times before they got to be in the position of where they are today.

The best advise that I could give I think is that 

"Don't do this because of the figure, because if you do, you'll never be satisfied. You'll end up disappointing yourself until you decide to just give up. Figure must be just secondary, your main reason must be your health. Because if your health is your goal, you'll never be disappointed because you'll see improvement every time you workout until your body asks for more and just get used it. It will result to a nice figure in the long run anyways"

I hope you get inspired by reading my blog. I'm not an expert on this field and everything written here is solely base from my experience.

It's still not too late to start your new year's resolution this 2018.

It's still January... Start the year by sweating! You can do it girl!
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