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Casual Dating Is Not Just For Me

Monday, July 9, 2018

I woke up this morning feeling really bothered. I was thinking about the rejection that I did to a guy friend who had just asked me out on a date last night. This thing doesn't usually bother me since I have done this with a lot of guys who had asked me out before, but I was really over thinking this morning. I wasn't actually sure if I'm doing the right thing when it comes to my dating life. But after contemplating my thoughts, I just figured out that casual dating isn't just my thing. And I should not be sorry for being like that.

This guy who had asked me out is actually a good friend of mine. I've known him for years already and he's actually a nice guy. We're really good friends. When he asked me out on a date, I thought he was just kidding. It actually came out from nowhere. It caught me off guard. I didn't know what to answer. I wasn't really sure if I should say "yes". I was thinking of giving him a chance though. I mean "why not?". But then when I found out that he's casually seeing other girls and it seems like he really just want to date me for the sake of "dating me and let's see how it goes", I just backed off.

I have only dated two guys in my life (or at least I have considered it a "date", some are just kinda hanging out). I know some people see this as something bad and old fashion, but this my truth. People tell me all the time that I should really go out on dates, meet a lot of people and explore my options... that's what I should be doing by this time since I've been single for so long already (technically since I was born). 

Casual dating is really a thing now and I don't think there's anything wrong with it. I actually think it's fun. Going out on dates with different people with no attachments, no expectations... no intention, just two people having fun with each other... I find it actually exciting and fun, but I guess... it's not just for me.
Unless I see you as someone that I could keep for a long run, I will not date you. Unless I really really really like you, I won't go out with you. Unless you convince me that you're not here to play games... that you're actually here to stay, I won't waste my time on you.

I believe that time is precious. I don't want to waste my time investing on people with no intention to get to know me deeply and build a relationship with me. I don't date to play games. I don't date to pass time. I want someone whom I could build a great connection with and not someone who'll just be there when he's bored. I want something real and if I don't see that we're on the same page... I'm really not scared to walk away.
I know some would argue with me and tell me that I should not close my doors for possibilities because we'll never know if it's going to work or not.

But I'm not closing my doors. I'm just being selective when it comes to letting people in my life. I just believe that not everyone who wants to come to my life, should come to my life. It is a must to have a standard. It serves as a protection from people who won't do any good to me. 

If you really want to date me, earn your way through. Break down my walls and prove that you're actually serious. I believe that I deserve someone who's sure that he wants me in his life. So unless you're that person, don't ask me out on a date... I would be more than happy to be a friend.

I know my perspective when it comes to dating is probably not really ideal if you're looking for a boyfriend, but maybe I'm not just looking for one. I always believe that the right love will come at the right time even if I'm not looking for it. So might as well focus on myself and trust in God's perfect timing. Because God's timing would never go wrong... never.